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Offering a secure, private, flexible, and auditable identity verification solutions
DID for Government
EBSI project
Identity & Access Management
D/ID login
Native on-chain KYC process
Empowering individuals to curate their profiles, control data sharing, and offering issuers the ability to swiftly verify credentials, thereby fostering a trusted platform for all participants.

Enhanced user experience - Digital signatures and tamper-proof can be operated with no seed phrases and gas fees.

  • Built-in AML and KYC solutions with standardized interfaces, allowing for open ledger identification verification.
  • Digital Signatures for universal authentication and provide tamper-proof with verifiable credentials.
Decentralized Identity (DID) technologies streamline the verification process, reducing time from weeks to mere seconds for tasks ranging from accessing public services to opening a bank account. Simultaneously, they provide easily verifiable credentials, significantly minimizing the manual labor required from front-desk employees.
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